Ken Kagami

Born in Tokyoi1974j
Lives and works in Tokyo

Selected Exhibition

  • 2020 gTrevor Shimizu and Ken Kagami Masterpiecesh, Anthony Greaney, Boston (Two perosns exhibition)
    gKen Kagami & COBRA Romantic Comedyh, MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo (Two perosns exhibition)
  • 2018 gRetrospectiveh, PARCO Museum Ikebukuro, Tokyo (Solo exhibition),
    gKen Kagami & Trevor Shimizuh, Mendes Wood DM, Sao Paulo (Two-person exhibition)
  • 2015 gcomedie concrèteg, MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo (Group exhibition)
  • 2016 gDOGh, MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo (solo exhibition)
  • 2015 "comedie concrète", MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo (Group exhibition),
    "Green", What Pipeline (organized by Puppies Puppies), Detroit (Group exhibition)
  • 2014 "Bronze works 2013-2014", MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo (solo exhibition)
  • 2013 "19516 kilometers from Milwaukee or 12126 miles", MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo (Group exhibition)
    "THE FUTURE IS STUPID", Ken Kagami & Scott Reeder, The Green Gallery, Milwaukee (Group exhibition)
    gWhy Not Live for Art? IIh, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo (Group exhibition)

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