Fuminao Suenaga / Scott Olson “Painting Painting”

November 2 mon - 29 sun

Opening reception : November 2 18:00 - 20:00

MISAKO & ROSEN is pleased to announce our next exhibition, a two person show “painting painting” featuring new works by Tokyo based artist Fuminao Suenaga and Ohio based artist Scott Olson.

“Painting Painting” presents a dialogue between two differing approaches towards present day abstract painting.

Fuminao Suenaga was born in Yamaguchi, Japan in 1974. Suenaga graduated with a degree in painting from Tokyo Zokei University in 1999 and continues to live and work in Tokyo. Suenaga begins from a considered, contextual position and subsequently produces work relating to everyday encounters and, more specifically, everyday sights.

Scott Olson was born in 1976 and is based in Ohio. Olson received an MFA in painting (2009) from Ohio State University. In 2002, Olson completed a two year residency at the Center For Contemporary Art (CCA) in Kitakyushu. Olson’s work has been presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions internationally including Taxter and Spengemann,New York, Overduin and Kite, Los Angeles and Galerie Nordenhake,Stockholm.
Scott Olson creates abstractions which utilize historical techinique and strategy as material. Conceptual in origin the actual paintings, produced in a relatively modest size, exist as painted studies retaining an immediacy inherent in the process of their creation.