Kazuyuki Takezaki / Maya Hewitt “experience – from Tokyo from London”

October 5 Fri - November 4 Sun

MISAKO & ROSEN is pleased to announce a two -person exhibition featuring the work of Tokyo-based artist Kazuyuki Takezaki and London-based Maya Hewitt. The exhibition will open on Friday, October 5 and be on view through November 24, 2007. Through an exchange of diaristic artworks via air-mail the artists are engaged in a collaborative project which will, through the visual, reflect the combined realities of daily life in two differing environments.

Kazuyuki Takezaki was born in 1976 in Kochi Prefecture, Japan. He received his BA from Kochi University in 1999; following graduation, Takezaki relocated to Tokyo to continue his art practice.

Takezaki utilizes an abstract visual vocabulary to articulate fleeting, direct and remembered impressions of immediate experiences within a given place. His chosen medium is painting; however, the work is executed in a mixed-media format eliminating clear distinctions between established genre such as drawing and sculpture. The paintings share an immediate quality with drawing and re-present an ephemeral and open view of given experience within painted space.Paradoxically, this cerebral approach to painting results in work at once atmospheric and highly sensual; a re-presentation of place. The exhibition will include a selection of new works on canvas and paper.

Maya Hewitt was born in London, England in 1981. She received her BA from the Univeristy of Brighton in 2004. In 2003, Hewitt completed a 6 month residency at Nagoya University of Art, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. MISAKO & ROSEN presented Hewitt’s well-received debut Tokyo exhibition in the winter of 2007; London-based gallery RUN will also exhibit her work this fall.

Hewitt’s paintings present mundane, daily human conflicts. The work externalizes subtexts and events occurring beneath the surface of everyday human interactions.Though Hewitt’s paintings appear fantastical, picturing impossible characters of the imagination engaged in a variety of mischief, it would be too simple to characterize the work as a product of fantasy; rather, Hewitt borrows from fantasy to depict the un-articulated and unseen. Hewitt’s recent work consisted primarily of immersive, floor-to-ceiling painted installations, though the present exhibition will include a selection of new, discrete paintings and works on paper.

The exhibition was conceived as a collaboration between the two artists. In the process of creating the exhibition – at present – the artists are engaged in an exchange – of artwork and experiences. The artists first met in Tokyo last year; they are both painters and this served as the basis of their friendship and led to their joint participation in this project. As the exhibition title suggests – 「experience – from Tokyo from London, the exhibition will be completed in Tokyo as the two meet and complete the exhibition works and joint installation.

The exhibition is the third in a series of two-person exhibitions initiated by the gallery with the intent of creating an international dialogue between like-minded artists.