Takashi Yasumura / Satoru Eguchi “Things in a place”

December 15 2008 - January 18 2009 (winter holidays : December 272008 - January 5 2009)

Opening reception December 15 Mon 18:00- 20:00

MISAKO & ROSEN is pleased to announce Things in a place, the fifth exhibition to be presented as part of our two-person exhibition series. Previous two-person exhibitions include Mie Morimoto and Ayako Mogi, Will Rogan and Yuki Okumura, Maya Hewitt and Kazuyuki Takezaki (all 2007) as well as Chaguin (Yoshitomo Nara and Hiroshi Sugito, 2008). Things in a place includes the work of Tokyo based photographer Takashi Yasumura and New York based artist Satoru Eguchi.

Takashi Yasumura’s work has been widely exhibited within Japan and internationally with a selection of exhibitions including Photo Espana, Madrid (2006), the Parco Museum, Tokyo (2005) and the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo (2004).

Takashi Yasumura’s photographs are objects – this, of course, is true of any photograph; however, these particular photographs function as two-way mirrors, reflecting both themselves and the world which they themselves occupy. This, also, is to a certain extent true of any photograph but the reductive nature of Yasumura’s vision serves to heighten a sense of placement bothin within and outside of the image.

The works on view in the present exhibition focus on literal abstractions present within the everyday; colors and shapes repeat and the pictued objects form and function but this very fact leaves a gap;what place does the photographic image have within such a world? This void is filled by the presence of the material photograph itself; both record and object placed within the space.

In the present exhibition, Yasumura will present a series of landscapes and exteriors. The literal expansion of space present in this recent body of work represents a development in the artist’s practice.

Satoru Eguchi, a graduate (MFA) from the School of Viual Arts, New York recently participated in Making a Home curated by Eric Shiner and presented by the Japan Society and presented in New York in 2007-2008.

Satoru Eguchi displaces drawing by re-presenting pictured images within sculptural space. Rather than work on paper, Eguchi works with paper to realize objects from objects. Sculptures of pictorial space,the images on view assert a non-presence that is all the more tangible when one cosniders the fact that a viewer may hold the object in hand; feel its weight and shape and yet fail to grasp the actual rather than represented. In contrast to sculpture which evokes place; Eguchi’s work favors the trace and though his aper constructions are always created to scale, this fact, again only serves to dis or re orient.

For the present exhibition Eguchi will present a selection of works created with both the specific space of the gallery in mind as well as the content of Yasumura’s photographic practice.

“Things in a place “continues the gallery exploration of literal abstraction; the dialogue within and between the photographs of Takashi Yasumura and the genre-blurring objects of Satoru Eguchi serving to both complicate and clarify matters. In the gallery, the visitor no more no less than one amongst many things in a place.