Miki Mochizuka “KI”

March 11 wed - April 5 sun 2009

Opening reception : March 11 2009 18:00-20:00

MISAKO & ROSEN is pleased to announce our second exhibition with painter Miki Mochizuka. Mochizuka was born (1974) and presently lives and works in Shizuoka. In 1999, Mochizuka received a BA in painting (1999) from the Tokoha Gakuen Junior College.

The present exhibition takes the sound “KI” as a point of departure. The titles of Mochizuka’s past works include, for example, “NIKKEI” and “MIZUKUMOSHIROKI; each an abstraction. This abstract titling is foundational to the completed artworks themselves and crucial to understanding their content. Comprised of layer upon layer of representational imagery both ephemeral (painted memory) and more concrete (animals and natural forms and landscapes), the work ultimately appears as a complex abstraction. This visual language is distinct to Mochizuka. In a process analogous to that of seasonal change, Mochizuka’s richly colored paintings’ formal qualities shift in relation to the daily experiences informing his painterly process. Mochizuka refers to the existence of “an other-landscape” within each canvas, a puzzling space of color, as an important element of the new body of work. Attempting to piece together seemingly meaningless and disparate elements, the process of creating a painterly composition becomes an analogue for the process of perception and representation of things in the world; i.e. a landscape.

I am inspired by the actual view which is distinct to myself. Structure is shaped by experience – that which I have seen and created before. The things that I represent are not stable but as the earth is comprised of ever-shifting layers, so as the passing of perceived time.

In relation to Mochizuka’s comments, the transparent layers of colored paint carry traces of objects and actions; the process of experiencing the works referencing an experience of time. This process is complicated by Mochizuka’s inclusion, in the present exhibition, of a single yet active piece of sculpture.

Statement for “KI” Miki Mochizuka

KI (energy) KI (tree) KI (record) KI (season) KI (life) KI (dish) KI (trees)…
There are multiple words and meanings for the sound KI.
The sounds are the same but the meaning is different.
The meaning is different but not entirely different, there is some connection between each word.
Maybe this is the same as within the paintings, I paint KI (trees )but at the same time I see an other KI (energy) or KI (season) or KI (life).