February 26 - March 23

Opening reception : February 26 18:00-20:00

A new two-person artist team Chaguin present their Japan debut exhibition! A veil of mystery surrounds their free activities, but this spring at MISAKO & ROSEN their much anticipated exhibition will be realized.

Chaguin – Henri and Pierre Chaguin

In 2004, in the old capital city of Vienna Henri made a stop and began to create new artworks; at this time he contacted his good old friend, Pierre, entreating him to visit and to try workng together – at this time their collaboration began. Their joint creation was the result of pure joy in work and working together so they decided to avoid a typical exhibition.
2008 : Pierre phones to Henri from his studio in Aichi, Japan :

“Henri, Here there is the sunlight observed by Cezanne in Aix en Provence!”
“The time is here! Let’s sketch apples together!”
“Ok Pierre! I will be there soon!”
“I can’t hold back! – come, come now! I can’t wait any longer!”
“Please dont do a thing until I arrive! I am coming soon!”

One month of creation by the two artists again commenced.

Afternoon, evening – they paid no mind and continued to feverishlywork. For this exhbition they have chosen 9 tableux and a selection of sketches from this period of creation.