John Riepenhoff “The John Riepenhoff Experience”

2015.11.29 Sun - 12.26 Sat

Opening reception:SUNDAY BRUNCH 11.29 Sun 13:00 - 16:00
(Following the reception the gallery will remain open until 17:00)

Photograph by Mike Paré

MISAKO & ROSEN is pleased to announce our presentation of The John Riepenhoff Experience.
For this iteration, three John Riepenhoff Experiences will each present a new exhibition by other artists: Japanese artist Motoyuki Daifu and US-based Amanda Ross-Ho and Roger White. The gallery has collaborated with Riepenhoff on previous Experience projects (presented at the Night Gallery, Los Angeles, 2014, Pepin Moore, Los Angeles, 2011; and INOVA, Milwaukee, 2011). In 2013, the gallery and Riepenhoff presented a co-curated exhibition, 19515 kilometers from Milwaukee or 12126 miles featuring artists from both Tokyo and Milwaukee. John Riepenhoff, current Milwaukee Art’s Board Artist of The Year, has an extensive exhibition history – both solo and curated projects – is a founder and continuing co-director of The Green Gallery, Milwaukee; is the co-chair of Friends of Blue Dress Park; founder of Milwaukee’s Beer Endowment; co-organizer of The Milwaukee International and Dark Fairs; and engineer of artistic platforms for the expression of others. Please see the following links for further information :

The John Riepenhoff Experience consists of a miniature version of a white-walled, white-floored exhibition venue which visitors may view via ascending a ladder and placing their head through a head-sized hole in the floor of the exhibition space. Inside each Experience is an exhibition – solo or group – curated by Riepenhoff and/or a colleague ; exhibited artwork is scaled down to accommodate the scale of the space – the exhibited Experiences in keeping with the playful collaborative spirit of other Riepenhoff projects. Each of these mini experiences both invites artists to make small gestures for large ideas – as a scale shift happens in the intimacy of experiencing the piece – while simultaneously acknowledging the power of imagination that cultural institutions such as galleries and other venues embody to bring infrastructure and support to other people’s ideas. In this way The John Riepenohff Experience is a letter of support and admiration to the gallerist, the artist, and the viewer.