Ken Kagami & COBRA “Romantic Comedy”

2020.2.23 Sun - 3.15 Sun

The exhibition has been extended until April 12th From March 18th we will operate on a By Appointment basis.
Please reach out via email: or by phone : +81(0)3-6276-1452.

Romantic Comedy – this is these men in action! Peformance! And then film work! This winter, Cobra and Ken are back and making you laugh in a heartfelt way!

Artists Ken Kagami and COBRA have previously realized two collaborative film works under the heading “The Saturday Object Theater”.
Both films are based upon everyday television dramas of mystery and suspense. This common format is fused with their particular comedic sense to create a form of entertainment. Kagami and COBRA’s unusual blend of comedy and cynicism are unique within the world of contemporary Japanese art.
Their new, third film includes elements of “action”and “performance” borrowed from the vocabulary of art history. Beyond the screen, they will also present photographic and sculptural works. Enjoy!

Ken Kagami
Ken Kagami was born (1974) and presently lives and works in Tokyo. His practice involves the presentation of everyday phenomenon as comedic. Kagami creates works informed by art history and social themes in the media of sculpture, drawings and works in various media.
“Masterpieces” together with artist Trevor Shimizu, curated by Emily Watlington for Anthony Greaney, Boston and “Dog Lover” for Meets by Nadiff, Tokyo (Both in 2020)

COBRA was born (1981) in Chiba and presently lives and works in Tokyo. He is a co-fonder of the artist-run-space, XYZ Collective.
HIs work considers common activities from a comedic perspective. COBRA, himself, is the central character within his film works; though his most recent exhibitions have included paintings of cheese housed in sculptural traps.
“life and limbs”, Swiss Institute of Contemporary Art, New York and “The Museum”, Fig., Tokyo