Motoyuki Daifu ”untitled (pee)”

2021. 11. 21 Sun - 12. 25 Sat

MISAKO & ROSEN is pleased to announce “untitled (pee)” – our third exhibition with Motoyuki Daifu. Daifu was born in Yokohama (1985) and presently lives and works in Tokyo . A selection of his exhibitions includes (2016) “Photographs of Japan-From Present to Postwar” San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco (Group Exhibition), 2018 “untitled (surround)” MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo (solo exhibition), and both (2019) “untitled (surround)” Green Gallery, Milwaukee (solo exhibition) and “Pastoral (Grind and Drone)” 47 Canal, New York, Daifu was named as a finalist for the “Nissan Art Award” in 2017 as well as a finalist for the “Prix Picted Award” in an exhibition held at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London in 2014.
His most recent publications include the book “Large Super November” in collaboration with French novelist Michel Houellebec (2018) and the photo book “Still Life” from Newfave (2016). He has also published “Project Family” (Dashwood Books) and “Lovesody” (Little Big Man).

Daifu’s untitled (pee) photographs seemingly, humorously, participate in the tradition of street photography – documenting the territorial markings of neighborhood dogs. The images, however, may be re-contextualized through our learning that the (pee) is actually water, splashed by the artist in a further gesture towards a possible contemporary photography.

untitled (pee)

It is very hard to live freely
without being trapped by the world.
I hope that the scorching sunshine
will shine on the concrete and make it all go away.

Motoyuki Daifu, 2021