2022. 1. 16 Sun - 2. 13 Sun

Katelyn Eichwald / Elza Sile / Dominique Knowles / Reina Sugihara

The 1990’s were our youthful days; it was an adventurous time for us.
Even though this was 25 years ago, it doesn’t seem so far off. But for the youth of today, that probably seems like a far away dream.
Walking on the riverbank, up some stairs – somewhere; youthful days.

We have lived through cycles and moments and now we are listening to Portals in the gallery, talking about Feature Inc. and Happy Lion and American Fine Arts.

This exhibition includes artists about whom Misako and Jeffrey chatted in the gallery, at home, walking home from their daughter’s school, in the kitchen, listening to music, wherever. In the future, the youth of today will live through their own cycles and have similar feelings and moments.

Dominique Knowles b. 1996, The Bahamas
Katelyn Eichwald b. 1987, Chicago
Reina Sugihara b. 1988, Tokyo
Elza Sile b. 1989, Riga