15 Year Anniversary Exhibition FOREVERMORE PART 1

2021. 4. 11 Sun - 6. 6 Sun

15 Year Anniversary Exhibition FOREVERMORE PART 2

2021. 6. 13 Sun - 7. 11 Sun

Subject to change at the request of the local government.
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* New open hours
The gallery hours : 12:00 – 17:00 Closed on Monday, Tuesday and National Holidays

Participating artists: Naotaka Hiro Maya Hewitt Nathan Hylden Shimon Minamikawa Miki Mochizuka
Special M&R Telegraph : Serial features by Ken Kagami and Shimon Minamikawa, columns by Teacher K , Misako and Jeffrey Rosen

MISAKO & ROSEN are celebrating our 15 Year Anniversary. 15 years ago, before opening the gallery with a  solo show by Shimon Minamikawa, we presented a Preview Exhibition with 5 artists. It has been a long and short 15 years; we were full of longing when planning this exhibition and have been looking back on our path. This exhibition was made for tomorrow, our future.

Thank you for 15 years; thank you for your continued support.


【Our Steps】

  • 2006
    ・MISAKO & ROSEN preview exhibition open ( Miki Mochizuka / Shimon Minamikawa / Nathan Hylden / Naotaka Hiro / Maya Hewitt )
    ・MISAKO & ROSEN opened with Shimon Minamikawa’s solo exhibition
    ・Participating first art fair Agnes Hotel Fair in Tokyo.

    2006 MISAKO & ROSEN Preview exhibition Jeffrey, Misako, Miki and Shimon

  • 2007
    ・First solo exhibitions by Maya Hewitt, Naotaka Hiro, Miki Mochizuka, Nathan Hylden
    ・Two persons exhibition by Mie Morimoto / Ayako Mogi and Will Rogan / Yuki Okumura

    2007 Nathan Hylden Studio Visit (Left: Nathan, Right: Jeffrey)

  • 2008
    ・Chaguin solo exhibition
    ・Group exhibition “here’s why patterns” includes Fergus Feehily, Richard Aldrich, Trevor Shimizu
    ・First participation in Nada Art Fair Miami Beach (since then until now)
    ・First solo exhibition by Kazuyuki Takezaki
    ・Ice Cream Social by David Robbins

    2008 David Robbins's Ice Cream Social (whith early Trevor Shimuzu work)

    2008 Agnes Hotel Art Fair, Tokyo (shimon, Miki and Maya)

  • 2009
    ・Erika Verzutti and Tiago Carneiro da Chunha
    ・First solo exhibition by Stephen G Rhodes, Mie Morimoto and Will Rogan
    ・Ayako Mogi releases the documentary film “Silent color silent voice”
    ・Participation in Dark Fair in Cologne, Germany

    2009 Erika Verzutti & Tiago Carneiro da Cunha two-parson exhibition

  • 2010
    ・First solo exhibitions by Fergus Feehily, Erika Veruizutti Richard Aldrich, Ayako Mogi
    ・Richard Aldrich and Josh Brand are included in the Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

    2010 Jeffrey & Misako Rosen and column (Necklace by petite robe noire, bowtie by Misako)

  • 2011
    ・Villa Tokyo presentation : Shimon Minamikawa
    ・First participation in the Texas Contemporary Art Fair in Houston (until 2012)
    ・“New Tokaido Landscape: Yamaguchi Akira to Takezaki Kazuyuki”, Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum, Shizuoka (Two-person exhibition)
    ・First Solo exhibition by Josh Brand
    ・Group exhibition “Happy Mind” includes Kaoru Arima and Ken Kagami etc..

    2011 Villa Tokyo Portrait session by Ken Kagami (Villa project Director, Takayuki Kubota, Jeffrey and Ken with mustache)

  • 2012
    ・First participation in Frieze NY solo presentation booth Frame : Shimon Minamikawa
    ・Group exhibition at Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo “Meguro Address” includes Shimon Minamikawa
    ・Group exhibition at The National Museum of Art, Osaka “Real Japanesque - The unique world of Japanese Contemporary Art” includes Shimon Minamikawa and Kazuyuki Takezaki
    ・First solo exhibitions by Yui Yaegashi and Kaoru Arima and Takashi Yasumura
    ・Shimon Minamikawa “Less than color, A month from tokyo”, 47 Canal, New York
    ・Fergus Feehily solo exhibition at the Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

    2012 Real Japaneseque, National Musueum of Art, Osaka (Shimon Minamikawa installation view)

  • 2013
    ・Second participation Frieze Art Fair NY solo presentation by Kaoru Arima
    ・“Forever now” at MOMA NY includes Richard Aldrich
    ・“Now Japan”, Kunsthal KADE, Amersfoort included Kazuyuki Takezaki, Shimon Minamikawa and Kaoru Arima
    ・“Roppongi Crossing 2013 - Out of doubt”, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, includes Yuki Okumura and Shimon Minamikawa
    ・“Carnegie International”, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh includes Erika Verzutti
    ・MISAKO & ROSEN original “Ken Kagami’s all night supponpon” records first episode
    ・“Painter Painter” featuring Fergus Feehily opens at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    ・Stephen G. Rhodes solo exhibition at Micros Museum, Zurich, Switzerland
    ・Nathan Hylden solo exhibition at the Kunstverein Hamburg, Germany

    2013 Misako at NADA Miami booth with Miki Mochizuka and Erika Verzutti art works

  • 2014
    ・First Participation in Art Rotterdam (until 2015) presentation by Yuki Okumura and Hisachika Takahashi
    ・First participation Dallas Art Fair (until 2016) Participated in Daikanyama Photo Fair
    ・First solo exhibitions by J Parker Valentine and Ken Kagami
    ・“The Way of Painting”, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo includes Kazuyuki Takezaki, Shimon Minamikawa, Yui Yaegashi and Miki Mochizuka
    ・Daan van Golden visited to Japan after 50 years and made a solo exhibition with MISAKO & ROSEN
    ・First edition of Paramount Ranch (until 2016)
    ・Motoyuki Daifu participates in the Prix Pictet exhibition at Victoria & Albert Museum, London
    ・Will Rogan solo exhibition at The Matrix, Berkeley Museum of Art, Berkeley, California
    ・J. Parker Valentine solo exhibition at the Langen Foundation,Neuss, Germany

    2014 Daan van Golden reunited with old friend during exhibition opening

    2014 Booth share at Paramount Ranch, Malibu, CA. MISAKO & ROSEN present Ken Kagami, The greeen Gallery, Milwaukee present Scott Reeder

  • 2015
    ・“PAINTING 2.0”, Museum, Brandhorst, Munchen includes Shimon Minamikawa
    ・Yui Yaegashi solo exhibition at Midway Contemporary, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    ・C&K ( Cobra and Ken Kagami ) is formed
    ・First participation in Tokyo Art Book Fair
    ・Mie Morimoto solo exhibition at Cannon Gallery

    2015 C&K is born; artist unit comprised of Ken Kagami and COBRA

  • 2016
    ・C&K First solo screening exhibition of "The Saturday Object Theater" Doskoi Steak House(XYZ Collective), Tokyo
    ・Moved to temporary space in Minami-Otsuka and had 10th anniversary, December (playback 1 and 2 )
    ・Special exhibition for MISAKO & ROSEN’s old space “Sayonara Kaidan” included 4 photographers Mie Morimoto, Motoyuki Daifu, Takashi Yasumura, Ayako Mogi we said Good-bye to old space.
    ・Hisachika Takahashi by Yuki Okumura at Maison de Hermes
    ・Margaret Lee solo exhibition presented by the Dallas Museum of Art at Duddell’s, Hong Kong
    ・Richard Aldrich solo exhibition at Museum Dohndt-Dhaenens, Belgium

    2016 December Playback 1 MISAKO & ROSEN 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition (works by Yoshitomo Nara, Hiroshi Sugito, Maureen Gallace)

    2016 MISAKO & ROSEN at Tokyo Art Book Fair with a Garden Theme featuring the annual Motoyuki Daifu bromide photo set

  • 2017
    ・Participated in Art Dusseldorf and the art fair ArteBA in Buenos Aires
    ・Renewal open in Kita-Otsuka wth Shimon Minamikawa’s solo exhibition
    ・First solo exhibitions by Paulo Monteiro and Margaret Lee
    ・Erika Verzutti participated in the 57th Venice Biennale
    ・First participation in Paris Internationale Paris
    ・Daan van Golden passed away
    ・Takashi Yasumura participates in “Scrolling Through Hesei Part 1 : Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

    2017 Paulo Monteiro & son with Yoko Rosen in Gallery temporary space for Paulo's Tokyo debut exhibition

  • 2018
    ・Naotaka Hiro participates in Made in LA,Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, California
    ・Kaoru Arima’s solo exhibition at Queer Thoughts, New York
    ・Ken Kagami solo exhibition at PARCO MUSEUM, Tokyo
    ・Nathan Hylden solo exhibition at Midway Contemporary, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    2018 Ken Kagami Retrospective exhibition at Parco Museum, Ikebukuro I Don't Understand Contemporary Art Instagram Photo Booth Prep

  • 2019
    ・First solo exhibition by Vincent Fecteau
    ・LA MAISON DE RENDEZ-VOUS, Brussels by LambdaLambdaLambda, LuLu, MISAKO & ROSEN and Park View / Paul Soto was opened
    ・First participation in June Basel - collaborative presentation by Yuki Okumura and Hisachika Takahashi
    ・Erika Verzutti’s solo exhibition “MUTATIONS / CRÉATIONS 3”, Centre Pompidou, Paris
    ・First participation in MECA international Art Fair Puerto Rico

    2019 Yuki Okumura & Hisachika Takahashi Collaboration for the inaugural edition of JUNE in Basel

  • 2020
    ・First solo exhibition by C&K (Cobra and Ken Kagami)
    ・First participation in Material Art Fair in Mexico City
    ・Trevor Shimizu solo exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia
    ・COVID 19 is happening
    ・Kazuyuki Takezaki’s first museum solo exhibition at Kochi Museum of art, Kochi
    ・Nada Art Fair Miami in Tokyo at MISAKO & ROSEN Tokyo together with XYZ collective, Satoko Oe Contemporary, Kayokoyuki, Imlabor, 4649

    2020 ICA Philadelphia presents solo exhibition with Trevor Shimizu

  • 2021
    ・15th anniversary
    ・First solo exhibition by Hisachika Takahashi
    ・Vincent Fecteau solo exhibition at Fridericianium, Kassel, Germany
    ・To be continued .....

    2021 Debut Tokyo solo exhibition for the legendary Hisachika Takahashi