2020. 12. 2 - 12. 13

MISAKO & ROSEN is pleased to announce NADA MIAMI ART FAIR / TOKYO. Every year the NADA Fair happens in MIami; but this year the physical fair will not take place. It’s impossible for International galleries to gather together in Miami; however, each city and and gallery is putting on their own Miami Art Fair. At the same time, an on-lne event will take place. Not only an on-line project, NADA is a community-based cooperative organization – this facilitated the realization of the fair. The Tokyo fair will include 6 galleries.

NADA Miami online
2020 12. 1 – 12. 5

NADA Miami / TOKYO Exhibiting Galleries
Artists:Emi Otaguro, Michi Suwa

Artists:Trevor Shimizu, Margaret Lee, Shimon Minami

●im labor
Artists:Reina Sugihara, Toru Otani

●XYZ collective
Artists:Nanami Hori

●Satoko Oe Contemporary
Artists:Luca COSTA

Artists:Yuhei Kobayashi, Yohei Watanabe