Maya Hewitt “Flutterings”


Opening reception : 12.16 Sat 14:00 - 18:00
Winter Holidays: 2023.12.25 - 2024.1.9

We are pleased to announce our presentation of “Flutterings”, Maya Hewitt”s  4th solo exhibition with the gallery. Hewitt’s most recent exhibitions include Cross my Heart with Galeria Marta Cervera (2020) and Farewell with Nunu Fine Art, Taipei (2019). In 2018, the gallery presented Hewitt’s work at Union Pacific, London, within the context of the citywide gallery share, CONDO.

Characteristic of a strand of Japanese painting prevalent in the 1990’s Hewitt’s work draws upon childhood darkness – fascination and forlorn – as well as an iconography both vaguely British and Southeast Asian, referencing her own cultural heritage. Her first exhibition with the gallery in 8 years, Flutterings  reflects upon the artist’s simultaneous embrace of and ambivalence towards motherhood – from the dual perspectives of parent and child – as well as  the place of narrative painting, made in England, in a post-covid, politically fraught time. Not without humor, beauty, even, the paintings are suggestive of an optimistic landscape heretofore unseen in the artist’s practice.