Shimon Minamikawa “Weekend vessel exhibition”

2018. 7. 7 Sat - 7. 8 Sun weekend event

Hours:7. 7 Sat 12:00 - 19:00 / 7. 8 Sun 12:00 - 17:00

Shimon Minamikawa has consistently continued to produce a series of projects in which highly general signs serve as a thematic foundation – this is his most recent series. To date, MInamikawa has produced such general works as art via everyday objects including “Everyday Text” (a zine of common daily phrases housed inside a silkscreen on envelope edition), “The ABC Book” (an alphabet quiz book), as well as “The Playing Cards” a set of playing cards. Minamikawa has created new ceramics which everyone can use in daily life. Please use these items as a part of your daily life. Please join us for a related weekend event.

‘I decided to made these works because it is interesting for me to imagine my painting on a table… pouring coffee into it from above, or lip marks on it or it as accidentally broken. I wish that this work will be used as part of someone’s relaxing time.’ Shimon Minamikawa