Mie Morimoto “pH”

2013.2.3 Sun - 2013.3.3 Sun

Opening reception:2.3 Sun - SUNDAY BRUNCH 13:00 - 16:00
(Following the reception the gallery will remain open until 17:00)

MISAKO & ROSEN is pleased to announce our exhibition with photographer Mie Morimoto. Morimoto was born in 1974 in Okayama. A BA graduate of the Tokyo Zokei University, Department of photography (1997), Morimoto has particpated in numerous solo and group exhibitions including “Single Plural”MISAKO & ROSEN、Tokyo(2009), “Kyoumei suru bijutsu 2008″, Kurashiki City Art Museum, Okayama(2008 ,”Dream Banquet- History of Menus and Contemporary Artists”, Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo(2008), “MORIMOTOMIE” graf gm media, Osaka,(2007). MISAKO & ROSEN presented a two-person exhibition with Morimoto and photographer and filmmaker Ayako Mogi in 2007. Most recently, Morimto exhibited “Family Complex” at trax in yamanashi prefecture.

There are multiple points of view in Mie Morimoto’s photographs. In her last exhibition with the gallery, she exhibited a series entitled “Single Plural” which featured images of her family – a single object which Morimoto was able to see objectively as a plurality. In Morimoto’s previous seres “Animal 8”, she created her own sort of Natural History; images of animals open to multiple readings. In a phrase, “Photographic Presence” describes Morimoto’s new series. As in the past, light and abstract elements and hidden discoveries are present with a careful look. Mie Morimoto has been working with a Leica M6 camera since 2007 – since her travels to Switzerland for a residency program. About her first opportunity to become acquainted with this new partner, Morimoto stated , “being in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by unknown people; this experience is not unlike that of working with an unfamiliar camera…”. Though the consequence of a lengthy period together full of varied experiences, the resulting body of photographs is not dramatic; but, rather, simply the trace of a process through which Morimoto and her camera reached a state of mutual understanding.To begin with, Morimoto considered only photographing with the Leica for personal use – photographs which would include the identity of the artist. The “Photographic Presence” is just Morimoto’s usual expression with a new form.