Miki Mochizuka “SLS”

November 7 Sun - December 5 Sun 2010

Opening reception : November 7 Sun - SUNDAY BRUNCH 12:00 - 15:00
(Following the reception the gallery will remain open until 17:00)

MISAKO & ROSEN is pleased to announce our third exhibition with artistMiki Mochizuka. Mochizuka was born (1974) and presently lives and works in Shizuoka, Japan. In 1999, Mochizuka received a BA in painting from the Tokoha Gakuen Junior College. MISAKO & ROSEN presented solo exhibitions with Mochizuka in 2007 and 2009. Mochizuka’s was work was most recently exhibited in the exhibition “Artist Studio” at the Musee Bernard Buffet in Mishima, Shizuoka prefecture, 2010.
Mochizuka’s paintings are produced by layering images or memories which he has not seen.
The layering of paint on canvas serves as an aid to collage; what is presented is a landscape of an everyday real; experience rather than a vision existing only in his brain.
Following this seemingly simply process caused Mochizuka to add experimental elements to his painting.Familiar characters from nature-anmals and twigs – moreover are created and added to Mochizuka’s painted and, particularly, his sculptural compositions highlighting as well the place of artifice in his attempt to move beyond simple re-presentation. Distinct in style and grounded through Mochizuka’s use of repetition, the recent work presents a contemporary approach to a classic theme of “Light”. Mochizuka’s work for the exhibition “Artist Studio” consisted of new paintings of light and the shape of the interstitial space, the gap between grass or twigs. The work,though on first appearance “landscape” reveals itself, upon concentrated looking to rather consider geometrical space. In his upcoming solo show with MISAKO & ROSEN,Mochizuka will exhibit more developed paintngs from this series.
Sedimented layers of time and memory are unearthed from Mochizuka’s experience of past time and place. Mochizuka said, “The landscape that I express by painting is the same as I saw with my eyes closed.”.
Mochizuka will exhibit a new series of paintings and present the Tokyo debut of his most recent sculptures in bronze.