Onsen Confidential 2022

2022. 9. 10 - 9. 25

What is Onsen Confidential?

Onsen Confidential is a hybrid city-wide gallery share and natural hot spring retreat / conference. The project is meant to bring together like-minded gallerists in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation and to provide a friendly introduction to the unique context of the contemporary art world of Tokyo.
Onsen Confidential was inspired by precedents such as the Milwaukee International, Paramount Ranch, Condo, OKEY DOKEY, Friend of a Friend, the Villa Projects (Villa Warsaw, Villa Reykjavik and Villa Toronto), non-profit initiatives such as NADA (New Art Dealers Alliance) and Paris Internationale and gallery organizations such as CADAN (Contemporary Art Dealers Association Nippon) and the IGA (International Galleries Alliance).

Guest Galleries

Host Gallery : Satoko Oe Contemporary (Kiyosumi-shirakawa)
Guest Gallery : Good Weather, (North Little Rock, Chicago USA) A Thousand Plateaus Art Space (Chengdu, China)

Host Gallery : Hagiwara Projects (Kiyosumi-shirakawa)
Guest Gallery : Crèvecœur (Paris, France)

Host Gallery : MUJIN-TO Production (Kinshicho)
Guest Gallery : Galerie Gregor Staiger (Zurich, Switzerland, Milan, Italy) Jan Kaps (Cologne, Germany)

Host Gallery : MISAKO & ROSEN (Otsuka, Brussels, Belgium)
Guest Gallery : LambdaLambdaLambda (Prishtina, Kosovo,Brussels, Belgium) 47 Canal (New York, USA)

Host Gallery : Fig. (Otsuka)
Guest Gallery : Galerie Max Mayer (D?sseldorf, Germany)

Host Gallery : KAYOKOYUKI (Komagome)
Guest Gallery : Johnathan Hopson Gallery (Houston, USA) Galeria Wschód (Warsaw, Poland)

Host Gallery : Tomio Koyama Gallery (Tennoz)
Guest Gallery : Chris Sharp (Los Angeles, USA)

Host Gallery : ANOMALY (Tennoz)
Guest Gallery : The Green Gallery (Milwaukee, USA)

Host Gallery : XYZ collective (Sugamo) 4649 (Sugamo)
Guest Gallery : KIM? (Riga, Latvia)

Host Gallery : Take Ninagawa (Higashi Azabu)
Guest Gallery : Air de Paris (Paris, France)

Host Gallery : Aoyama l Meguro (Meguro)
Guest Gallery : Kristina Kite (Los Angeles, USA)