Takashi Yasumura “I don’t expect too much”

2019. 12. 1 Sun - 2020. 1. 19 Sun

Opening reception : 12. 1 Sun 13:00 - 16:00
*Following the reception the gallery will remain open until 17:00

MISAKO & ROSEN is pleased to announce our third exhibition with photographer Takashi Yasumura. Yasumura’s most recent exhibitions include Scrolling Through Heisei Part 1 In the Here and Now, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum (2017) and Japanese Photography from Postwar to Now, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (2016). Yasumura’s most recent book, 1/1 was published by Osiris in 2017.

Takashi Yasumura photographs things to see the resulting photograph; to see how things will look photographically. Yasumura’s interests do not lie outside the photograph; in fact, the images generated by his photographs are, to some degree, incidental, as his subject is really photography itself. There is thus – whether intended or not – a critical element to Yasumura’s practice and this is most evident in the most recent of his photographs in which objects are juxtaposed with patterns without regard to external content. In this one can see a critique of contemporary photographic practice. The present exhibition notably includes Yasumura’s debut film -a work in progress.