Happy Mind – Natural High

2018.7.18 Wed - 8.26 Sun ( Summer Holidays:8.11 - 8.17 )

Kaoru Arima / Cristina Tufiño / Naotaka Hiro / Lee Lozano / Stephen G Rhodes / Soshiro Matsubara

NATURAL HIGH is the third iteration of the HAPPY MIND exhibition series; each of which considers the presence of a seemingly contradictory stability or consistency within the midst of extreme psychological duress.
Though on a whole awkward or uncomfortable in form, the exhibition ultimately revels in an openness born of optimism and a mode of expression – though put together piecemeal – particular to Japan.

We would like to thank our colleagues for their kind collaboration in the realization of this exhibition : Galería Agustina Ferreyra, XYZ Collective,Hauser & Wirth and Brennan & Griffin