19516 kilometers from Milwaukee or 12126 miles

2013.3.14 Thu - 3.31 Sun

Opening reception:3.17 Sun - SUNDAY BRUNCH 13:00 - 16:00
Dress code:Green
Slide Talk show 15:00
"Eventful Goings - on in Places we've Traveled"
by John Riepenhoff , Jeffrey and Misako Rosen
(Following the reception the gallery will remain open until 17:00)

Artists:Scott Reeder / Soshiro Matsbara / José Lerma / Yui Yaegashi / Shimon Minamikawa / Michelle Grabner / Matthew Higgs / Nicholas Frank / Ken Kagami

MISAKO & ROSEN is pleased announce our co-curated exhibition together with The Green Gallery “19516 kilometers from Milwaukee or 12126 miles”. The exhibition includes work executed in a sensibility shared by each gallery. MISAKO & ROSEN has in the past organized series of two person exhibitions focusing on a dialogue between artist and artist; however, this co-curated project includes not only a dialogue between artists but, additionally, a joint consideration of how galleries situated peripherally present art locally and to a wider, international audience. Tokyo-based MISAKO & ROSEN and Milwaukee-based The Green Gallery are engaged in an exchange of both art and information and a delirious blur in-between.
Aesthetically – MISAKO & ROSEN and The Green Gallery maintain a common interest in the literal and how this interest manifests art rooted in an everyday which – in theory – is accessible to a general audience. The work is characterized by visually engaging abstraction and a humorous engagement with language and found objects.

“Do you know anything about -Milwaukee-?” This is actually a question in Japan. A classic answer : Sapporo beer had a famous jingle with the catchphrase : “Munchen…Sapporo….Milwaukee”, because of a common geographical location between the cities – a northern latitude of 45 degrees – and also, of course, a famed beer industry.

Milwaukee is now known as possessing a unique art scene within the international art world. The Green Gallery, founded by John and Jake is located 19515 kilometers / 12126 miles from Tokyo. In addition to artist David Robbins, the exhibition space Inova, the now closed Center Street building and an ongoing series of art fairs and activities organized by Milwaukee International, there is The Green Gallery. The present exhibition, which will include a color-coordinated talk-event between gallery owners John, Jeffrey and Misako aims to explore and develop the relationship between artists, galleries and art communities.


Scott Reeder

Soshiro Matsubara

Jose Lerma

Yui Yaegashi

Shimon Minamikawa

Michelle Grabner

Matthew Higgs

Nicholas Frank

Ken Kagami