〇〇 Curated by Rob Halverson (c-o-o-l art)

2012.12.16 Sun - 2013.1.20 Sun

Opening reception:12.16 Sun - SUNDAY BRUNCH 13:00 - 16:00
(Following the reception the gallery will remain open until 17:00)

Bianca Beck / Kristan Kennedy / Chadwick Rantanen / Sue Tompkins /
B. Wurtz / Amy Yao / Anicka Yi

eye 1, eye 2 seees: Longer than your arm. Charming in its surface. Crooked at its end? Broken? Black Umbrella. Fish scales. Yes, ruffled. Hook hand. Pokes. It’s as big as the wall, but small like a pencil. Loop. Tubular. Rods. Tube, Tube, Tube, so on. As big as it needs to be, wherever it fits the best. A clear sleeve. No major gaps. Ferrules. Braced against its place. inside? Woman sized. Bodied. A clear sleeve. Pocketed fried flowers, maybe a little greasy. And a strong drink. plastic protection. pull strings, hood, pockets no secrets here Flowers in the neck flowers for the head, tempura oil. crunch. A soft peach. It’s a picture of a woman. Pedestal. A block of wood. A block of tree. Carved, yes. Painted on. Wood on string. Bags. Sticks, Wire? Wrapped/folded pieces of fabric cut. Moving in place. Appropriate amount of silk. Colored somehow. Zippers and pins and text on paper too. One glass, one paper. Small excised circles set at an even distance. On the level. Glued. O. glass and glue. O. Three way. More holes. Double breasted, grey green over black, peach, red. Scraped, pushed, painted, rubbed, average painting size. Modest even. Black pussy. Black background, Pink reveal, v, upside down rain drop hole, brushwork. V. Worm hole, pink blurs black, black covers pink, wet strokes. Wood, wire, mesh some colors. Bite taken. Some colors punctuate, punctured plastic bits, wire armature, wooden base, wooden feet. knots, plastic bag, twist ties, clothes pins, shoelaces dangler. Two large teeth. Crushed canvas, ink, indigo, gesso bits, size of sheet music, higher on the right. Blue jeans. Bow tie. Finger button white ink on washed linen. Finger hole.


artist links :
B. Wurtz http://www.bwurtz.com/
Bianca Beck http://www.racheluffnergallery.com/artists/bianca-beck/
Amy Yao http://www.amyyao.info/
Anicka Yi http://www.47canalstreet.com/
Chadwick Rantanen http://www.standardoslo.no/
Kristan Kennedy http://www.fourteen30.com/
Sue Tompkins http://www.themoderninstitute.com