Miki Mochizuka

Born in Shizuoka (1974)
Lives and works in Shizuoka.

AA Tokoha Gakuen Junior Collage, department of design(1999)

Selected Exhibition

  • 2019 “Haze”, MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo (Solo exhibition),
  • 2016 “Distanciation”, MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo (Solo exhibition)
    “Coexistence”, Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago (Solo exhibition)
  • 2015 "Small Sculpture", Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago (Group exhibition)
  • 2014 "The Way of Painting", Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo (Group exhibition)
    "Quadrangle", MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo (Solo exhibition)
  • 2012 "Sun Day", Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum, Shizuoka (Solo exhibition)
  • 2011 "Clematis Biotope Garden - Bard House Project 2011", Clematis no oka, Shizuoka (Art project)
    "Ateliers d' artistes", Musee Bernard Buffet, Shizuoka (Group exhibition)
  • 2010 "SLS", MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo (Solo exhibition)
  • 2009 "Stripe, Dots and Skulls In Assorted Shapes, Colors and Sizes", Soka Art Center Tainan, Taiwan (Group exhibition)

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