Kazuyuki Takezaki “BIO TOPOS”

September 8 Mon - October 12 Sun

Opening reception: September 8 Mon 18:00-20:00

Kazuyuki Takezaki was born in 1976 in Kochi Prefecture, Japan. He received his BA from Kochi University in 1999; following graduation,Takezaki relocated to Tokyo to continue his art practice.

Takezaki utilizes an abstract visual vocabulary to articulate fleeting, direct and remembered impressions of immediate experiences within a given place. His chosen medium is painting; however, the work is executed in a mixed-media format eliminating clear distinctions between established genre such as drawing and sculpture. The paintings share an immediate quality with drawing and re-present an ephemeral and open view of given experience within painted space.Paradoxically,this cerebral approach to painting results in work at once atmospheric and highly sensual; a re-presentation of place.

Takezaki recalls the fact of his birthplace; however this recollection has no connection to nostalgia or longing. The word ‘BIOTOPE’ served as a conceptual point of departure; a space inhabited by living beings and its structured environment. Or, more loosely, a garden in general, a space occupied by living trees as well as discarded domestic items…a stray cat lounging and leaving, an insect there then gone.
Takezaki is concerned with the simple fact of landscape. This concern is examined in the form of a series of new paintings within an installation.

Exhibition statement Kazuyuki Takezaki

Sea, Father, Mother and Mountain

The town where I was born, situated near sea and mountain.
People are living there.
The fact that I was living there.
Such a combination, that of the natural and artificial within this
town so full of possibility and prompts my imagination. From this
point I begin work for this exhibition.
I usually paint from an actual landscape but this time I use my own
map, within in my mind, as starting point. I conceive this exhibition
which is a mixture – landscape or air or humidity and symbol.